Harpers Ferryformerly Harper's FerryJohn_Brown_Painting.jpg

Harpers Ferry is a historic town located in West Virginia. You may have passed through this rustic town on the Appalachian Trail or heard of it if you’re an avid outdoor recreationalist who enjoys West Virginia. However, most people only associate Harpers Ferry with the massacre that took place there known as John Brown’s Raid.
John Brown
John Brown was a radical abolitionist. Brown believed that physical protest was the only way to upset the institution of slavery. He was responsible for the death of several pro-slavery settlers in “Bleeding Kansas”. It was there that he gained a large group of followers who agreed with his beliefs. He then led the attack on the armory at Harpers Ferry Virginia. Upon capture, Brown was tried for with murdering four whites and a black, with conspiring with slaves to rebel, and with treason against Virginia. He was convicted and hung.

Raid on Harpers Ferry
On October 16, 1859, John Brown led a group of 21 men into the arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Five of the men were African American: three free African Americans, one a freed slave and one a fugitive slave. Brown and his followers invaded the armory in hopes to initiate a full slave uprising in the south. For this they would need all the weapons in the armory. The raid was put to a stop by a doctor who was woken up by the noise, Brown and his men let him go free and he alerted the local militia and gathering residents from Harpers Ferry as well as neighboring towns. Brown’s men were easily taken down by the group that Dr. John Starry gathered. Ten people were founded during the failed raid.